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OPD IPD Process Steps

Aim: - To provide good service to our Patient & Clients in our Health Care Organization. 

We The Hope Hospital, have three departments for patient i.e. OPD, IPD, Emergency Patient. 

*OPD: - Outdoor Patient Department 

*IDP: - Indoor Patient Department 

Outdoor Patient Department 

Step 1:- We have to attend the patient within 5-7 minutes after His /Her arrival to our health care organization. 

Step 2:-If patient is disabled or not able to walk or move, we have to provide a wheel chair to the patient with the help of ward boy and patient attendant. 

Step 3:-The above thing is done within 3-4 minutes after patient is attended by front office executive. 

Step 4:- If patient is having past history of his/her treatment, ask him/her for a previous /past treatment file and ask him/her to sit in lobby. 


Whenever we talk to any client or patient or relatives we have to be very calm. 

Always maintain a smiling face as we are the front office executive. 

We have to maintain the voice pitch whenever we having conversation with patient & relatives. 

Step 5:- Ask the patient for referral slip if the patient is from WCL or Raymond or any companies (we have to take care that the corresponding company is empanelled with us). 

Step 6:- Register them with OPD register with Name, Address, Age, Telephone No., i.e., all the details as per our OPD form. 

(As a mandatory element) 

Step 6A:- We have to take registration charges from patient. 

Step 6B:- We have to give a receipt to the patient. 

Step 6C:- We have to register the patient on our software too. 

Step 7:- By calculating the time from register & coordination with doctor we have to tell the patient the estimated waiting time, i.e., for how much time they have to wait for their turn to come. 

We have also to tell the patient his/her OPD No. and the concerned doctor’s name. 

Step 8:- When the patient’s turn comes to be examined by the doctor, call the name of patient by PAS. (Public Address system) 

Step 9:-With the help of ward boy or patient attendant move the patient from lobby to OPD chamber with the patient past treatment file and current OPD file with 2 to 3 OPD empty sheets attached. 

Step 10:-We have to take care that, don’t interrupt between the patients or relatives while they having a conversation but also we don’t have to move from OPD chamber as we have to be the OPD attendant. 

Note: - We have to take care of privacy policy of patient, in that while examination of patient by the doctor only Doctor, OPD attendant And OPD sister will only present in the chamber. 

Step11:- If the patient is a lady, then strictly no male is allowed to be present in OPD chamber. 

NOTE: - We are having a “Do Not Disturb” board to hang on the door to avoid unacceptable disturbance to the doctor while they examine the patient. 

Step 12:- If the doctor advises the patient for X-Ray, ECG, TMT, dressing, minor surgeries etc we have to shift the patient to relevant department/chamber/room. 

Step 12 A: - After completion of all the relevant treatment take the patient’ file to accountant and ask for total amount/fees of the patient. 

Step 12 B: - Describe the charges i.e. OPD charge amount, pharmacy charge amount etc. to the patient and request the patient to pay the amount. 

Step 13:- We have to take the patient or his /her relative to pharmacy to purchase medication advised by the doctor. 

Step 14:- Attach the receipt with the patient file signed by cashier or cash collection officer. 

Step 15:- Ask the patient for any query he/she might have, give answer to the query with warmth and patience. 

Note: - Don’t give consultant or any doctor or any higher authority person’s mobile number to any client or relative or patient without taking their permission. 

Tell a date and time for review check-up. 

Don’t talk loudly or in a uncouth language/ manner with the patient or relatives or client as we create the first impression of hospital. 


Indoor Patient Department 

Step 1:- When we get confirmation that a patient has arrived with an emergency to our hospital campus, the first thing we do is give a call to ward boys and patient attendants to shift the patient from ambulance to stretcher. 

Step 2:- Give a call to principal medical officer. 

Step 3:-After the principal medical officer examines the patient, ask him where we have to shift a patient. 

Step 4:-Generally we shift the patient to recovery ward or ICU and after patient becomes stable, only then we shift the patient to the relevant ward. 

Step 5:- After counseling with the PMO/RMO/SMO and permission of the same we have to do registration of patient in IPD register and in our software too. 

Step 6:-Make a file and fill the details of patient. 

Name of Patient 

Residence address 

Care taker of patient 

Mobile Digits 

(As a mandatory element) 

Step7:- Fill the patient’s consent form and after telling them the purpose and meaning of the form, get it signed by the patient’s relatives. 

(We have to tell the complete description that why we have to fill and take sign on the form) 

Step 8:- Send the file of patient to the corresponding ward where the Medical Officer has asked the patient to be shifted. 

Step 9:-We have to confirm that the file of patient is received by RMO of the corresponding ward by telephonic conversation.