Minutes of the meeting

Agenda-Infection control programme

Date-25th January

Time-4:30pm to 5:15pm

In attendance-Dr Murali, Ms Monica,Dr Girish, Sister Prerna,Sister Naomi 


·        An infection control committee was formed consisiting of the following                                 members:-

·        Dr. B.K. Murali

·        Dr.Girish Gautam

·        Dr.Reena Rao

·        Dr.Jaya Jeswani

·        Ms.Monica Ganvir

·        Mrs.Prerna

·        Ms.Naomi


Many important issues pertaining to Infection Control were raised and several activities to be conducted were discussed. Such as – continued in-service training for staff, a date was fixed for the first training session to be scheduled on the 1st of feb Tuesday, and this practice would be followed for the 1st Tuesday of every month.

The committee decided to appoint a “ward –in-charge” for each unit, and have regular meetings with the infection control nurse , in this way the needs of various departments can be identified and appropriate measures taken.

“hospital acquired infections” (HAI) was also discussed ,it was decided to formulate a way in which the incidence of nosocomial infections can be tracked and documented. Dr.Murali suggested having a criteria form where in the various signs n symptoms of infection can be recorded and it can be known whether the patient acquired the infection after admission or not, and if so the possible modes of infection etc, can be identified. Thus, an accurate statistical data of HAI can be maintained and methods for curbing such infections can be implemented.

It was also decided that the staffs’ knowledge and awareness regarding infection control (eg.protocol in case of blood spills,correct disposal of waste material,barrier techniques etc)  should be gauged and accordingly classes should be held,in a manner that the correct procedure is demonstrated along with the rationale . Various ideas came up in the meeting regarding ways to motivate the staff . Ms.Monica suggested the innovative idea of having competitions on various topics related to infection control, eg.Hand washing competitions, posters etc, as this would inculcate in the staff a “felt need” to learn more and get more involved in infection control measures.

Topics to be covered were as follows: Universal precautions, Linen handling, Identification of infection and related protocols,CDC guidelines, training on HepB and HIV/AIDSetc.

A very important issue that was addressed was –Accurate documentation, it was decided that up-to-date registers should be maintained for fumigation, sterilization and autoclaved articles,house keeping and cleaning logbooks, incidence of needle-stick injuries among staff etc.it was also noted that charts and files would be maintained on all the activities in the hospital regarding infection and infection prevention.

The meeting ended at 5:15pm.


 Agenda-Infection control 

Date-1st Feb 2011

Time-2:30pm to 3.30pm

In attendance-Dr Murali, Mr Vivek, Ms Monica, Dr Reena ,Dr Vinod, Sister Prerna, Sister Naomi,  staff nurses from ICU, RICU.Sp.ward and General ward ,OT staff.
An infection control team was formed and various topics regarding infection control were discussed. Ma'am Monica informed all the Nursing staff that there would be a file of documents in each Nursing station, filled with protocols and procedures and that it would be mandatory for each and every staff to be aware of its contents and well versed in knowledge regarding prevention of infection.
Ma'am Monica further explained to all in attendance the aim and activities of the infection control programme and how every personnel was expected to contribute.
HAI tracking methods were also discussed.
Dr.B.K Murali brought several points to the notice of the staff and encouraged every staff to be vigilant in billing activities also, so that patient's bills would be accurate, Dr.Murali also reiterated the importance of following correct and promt protocol in all cases, especially trauma cases.
It was decided that there would be daily meetings and classes on topics related to infection control and that periodic tests would be conducted among the staff to test their knowledge and further improve on it, thus every possible lacunae could be filled.
The meeting concluded at 3:30pm.

Agenda- infection control programme / Quality improvement

Date: 17th february

Time: 12pm

A brainstorming session was held between Ma'am Monica Ganvir, Sister Prerna and Naomi, Topics discussed were as follows - ways to enchance Quality of Patient care, 
                                      - methods of improving staff participation in infection prevention
                                       ( eg: having poster competitions, cultural programmes related to relevant  
                                      - to encourage and appreciate staff who perform well 
                                      - maintain record of performance and attendance of staff etc.
meeting ended at 12:30pm
Agenda: Quality Control and improvement

Date: 22nd February 2011

Time: 4:30pm

A meeting was held, and several important issues related to regulation of quality care in the hospital were discussed, those present at the meeting were as follows - Dr.B.K Murali Sir, Ma'am Monica Ganvir, Sister Prerna Nikalje and Naomi. C.

Points briefed upon were as follows -
*Risk management and safety of patient
*Importance of having a Nursing assessment form and documenting patients condition on admission by nurse
*Methods of speeding up discharge process, medication return and billing.
*To gauge the level of patient satisfaction
*To have employee satisfaction forms
*To stress on importance of incidence reporting among staff.
*To have an employee performance form

The meeting ended at 6:30 pm

Agenda: Quality control and improvement

Date: 3rd march 2011

Time: 11:30 am

Hope hospitals launched a new application known as "One patient,one ID"- a unique stae of the art technology where in clients/ patients can access their own health data and records online.Each person can have their own medical profile online and update their profile with Xrays,scans, reports etc.thus they need not carry around their medical reports but can access them from any given location via the internet.They can also conult with doctors online, take second opinions etc.thus this new innovation will be helpful to many people not only in different cities but also worldwide.

The Chief guest for the event was Commissioner of Nagpur police Dr.Ankush Dhanvijay, Guests of honour were Deputy Commissioner Shri Kailash Kanhe and additional commissioner of police Shri.Anup kumar Singh. The esteemed Chief guest for the day, was highly impressed with the facilities of the hospital and expressed his positive opinion regarding the new application.

Earlier in the morning a health camp had been conducted for the numerous police officers from the police squad,roughly around 50-70 police personnel were given free health and fitness check-up.

The programme ended at 12:00pm, the health check up camp continued on.


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