HRM.2.a. Orientation of staff to the organization's mission, policies and procedures (SHCO) ***

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  • For the better orientation of the staff towards the organizational goals programms and procedures hospital does have its own policy that through short notice meetings, planned meetings, training programme planned and designed by HR department.
  • Schedules and agenda always decided by HR with due consultation with director and key managerial staff.
  • In these meetings, we repeat the organization's vision and mission to motivate all employees.
  • Hope's vision and mission are available on our website and in our quality manual.

    An Induction manual exist for the orientation of the new employee

    INTRODUCTION:-This induction manual has been specially designed for the staff joining HOPE HOSPITALS to get socialized to the environment and oriented to the hospital's various policies.



      1. 1.2 Mission
      2. 1.3 Vision
      1. 2.1.Employment Classification
      2. 2.2.Probationary Period for New Employees
      4. 2.4.Equal Employment Opportunity
      5. 2.5.Employee Background Check
      6. 2.6.New Employee Orientation
      7. 2.7.Employee Records
      8. 2.8.Change of Personal Data
      9. 2.9.Safety
      10. 2.10.Security
      11. 2.11.Personal Property
      12. 2.12.Health-related Issues
      13. 2.13.Employee Requiring Medical Attention
      14. 2.14.Visitors in the Workplace
      15. 2.15.Employment of Relatives
      16. 2.16.Emergency-related Closings
      1. 4.1.General Guidelines
      2. 4.2.Attendance and Punctuality
      3. 4.3.Work Schedule
      4. 4.4.Absence and Lateness
      5. 4.5.Unscheduled Absence
      6. 4.6.Meal and Break Periods
      7. 4.7.Harassment Policy
      8. 4.8.Sexual Harassment Policy
      9. 4.9.Violence in the Workplace
      10. 4.10.Confidential Information and Nondisclosure
      11. 4.11.Ethical Standards
      12. 4.12. Values
      13. 4.13.Patient's rights and responsibilities
      14. 4.14.Dress Code
      15. 4.15.Use of Equipment
      16. 4.16.Use of Computer, Phone, and Mail
      17. 4.17.Use of Internet
      18. 4.18.Smoking Policy
      19. 4.19.Kharra , Tobacco or Gutkha Policy
      20. 4.20.Alcohol and Substance Abuse
      21. 4.21.Gifts or tips
      22. 4.22.Solicitations and Distributions
      23. 4.23.Complaint Procedure
      24. 4.24.Corrective Procedure
      25. 4.25.Crisis Suspension
      26. 4.26.Transfer Policy
      27. 4.27.Outside Employment
      28. 4.28.Resignation
      29. 4.29.Employment Termination
      30. 4.30.Return of Company Property
      1. 5.1.Base Compensation
      2. 5.2.Timekeeping Procedures
      3. 5.3.Overtime Pay
      4. 5.4.Performance and Salary Reviews
      5. 5.5.Opportunities for Advancement—Progression and Promotion
    5. 6.EXPENSES
      1. 6.1.Introduction
      2. 6.2.Company Supplies, Other Expenditures
      3. 6.3.Expense Reimbursement
      4. 6.4.Relocation
      5. 6.5.Technology
      1. 7.1.Open Communication
      2. 7.2.Staff Meetings
      3. 7.3.Emails communication
      4. 7.4.Suggestions
      5. 7.5.Telephone
      6. 7.6.Avoid Gossip
    9. 10.Hospital Information



    This document has been developed by Human Resources Department in order to familiarize employees with Hope Group and provide information about working conditions, key policies and procedures.

    Welcome to HOPE!!!

    Welcome to Hope Hospitals! We are happy to have you as a new member of our family!

    1.1 Message from Founder


    Welcome to Hope Hospitals...

    Hope Hospitals a dedicated mission to serve the sick with care, concern and commitment. We owe our success to the devoted and concerted effort of the medical and non-medical staff who form the backbone of hope Hospitals. 
    The Hospital combines quality, compassion, integrity, responsibility and accountability in equal measures and will continue to grow and set standards for health care. However I consider this as just the beginning of a new horizon 
    Our Vision is to lead the way as an international health care service provider in India.

    We also give paramount importance to educational aspects by conducting CMEs, medical conferences, medical camps, community health programs with local authorities, regular first aid and medical awareness programs.


    We are now pleased to announce that due to our continued success Hope hospitals is now preparing to extend its services to international patients. We hope to continue to be the first choice as your health care provider.

    Dr. B.K. Murali

    (Founder & Managing Director)


    1.2 Mission


    Hope Hospitals, the service provider of a global healthcare system providing patient-focused, high-quality and cost-effective services.


    1.3 Vision


    Hope Hospitals to lead the way as an international health care service provider in India.



    An “employee” of Hope Hospitals is a person who regularly works for Hope Hospitals on a salary, contract or mutually agreed volunteer basis.

    2.1.Employment Classification

    Employees of Hope Hospitals are classified as either “exempt” or “non-exempt.” This is necessary because, by law, employees in certain types of jobs are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per workweek.

    In addition to the above overtime classifications, every employee is assigned an employment status classification: regular full-time, regular part-time, temporary (full-time or part-time), regular hourly, contingent hourly, etc.

    2.2.Probationary Period for New Employees

    Hope Hospitals monitors and evaluates every new employee’s performance for three months to determine whether further employment in a specific position is appropriate.



    2.4.Equal Employment Opportunity

    Hope Hospitals is an equal employment opportunity employer. Employment decisions are based on merit and business needs, and not on caste, race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, weight, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.

    2.5.Employee Background Check

    Prior to making an offer of employment, Hope Hospitals may conduct a job-related background check. A comprehensive background check may consist of prior employment verification, professional reference checks, education confirmation, and credit check.

    2.6.New Employee Orientation

    The formal welcoming process, or “employee orientation,” is conducted by a Human Resources representative, and includes an overview of the company.

    2.7.Employee Records 


    The task of handling personnel records and related administration functions at Hope Hospitals has been assigned to the Human Resources Department. Personnel files will be kept confidential at all times and include some or all of the following documents:

      • Personal details form I
      • Educational Certificates
      • Experience certificate 
      • Police verification certificate
      • Photo ID and Address proof
      • Photocopy of TPA I-Card( if having insurance)
      • Passport records etc.

    Staff should also update their information in the all staff data HR site in the software.


    2.8.Change of Personal Data

    Any change in an employee’s name, address, telephone number, marital status, dependents, Pan Number needs to be reported in writing without delay to the Human Resources Department.


    The safety and health of employees is a priority. Hope Hospitals makes every effort to comply with legal workplace safety requirements. Hope Hospitals workplace safety rules and regulations are the following:

      • Fire and Safety policy
      • Proper disposal of biomedical hazardous material
      • Risk management committee to address incidents in the hospital
      • Periodic  and preventive maintenance of the major equipments
      • Policy of handling the HIV, HbsAg and communicable diseases( practices of nursing barrier)

    Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities.


    Each and every employee must follow the building security rules and regulations listed here:

      • Report any suspected person , thing and activity to the security guard immediately.
      • All staff are responsible for their own valuables,keep all your valuables in your pocket or in a locker.
      • Do not convey any of the information about the organization without the permission of the director.
      • All the software modules should be password protected and the password will be shared with the hospital staff only.
      • All the staff are requested to get their bags checked by the Guard.
      • Employees are not allowed on Hope Hospitals property after scheduled working hours without prior authorization from their supervisor.
      • All the staff should report critical incidences to the Director or the administrator.

    2.11.Personal Property

    Hope Hospitals assumes no risk for any loss or damage to personal property and recommends that all employees are careful with the personal belongings whilst working.

    2.12.Health-related Issues

    Employees who become aware of any health-related issue should notify their supervisor of health status as soon as possible.

    2.13.Employee Requiring Medical Attention

    Employees should report all work-related injuries and accidents immediately to their supervisor, and then follow theses steps, and fill incidence form and submit. Hope hospital encourages the staff to have their own health insurance.


    2.14.Visitors in the Workplace

    For safety, insurance, and other business considerations, only authorized visitors are allowed in the workplace. When making arrangements for visitors, employees should request that visitors enter through the main reception area and sign in and sign out at the front desk.

    2.15.Employment of Relatives

    Hope Hospitals is pleased to consider for employment qualified applicants who are related to employees. When Hope Hospitals employs more than one member of a family, one family member may not supervise the other. If such a situation should arise and the employees are unable to develop a workable solution, management will decide which employee may be transferred.

    Please note -Next of kin or spouse relation is not considered for employment.

    2.16.Emergency-related Closings

    At times, emergencies such as a pan epidemic, fires, or power failures can disrupt Hospital operations. In such instances, Executive Staff will decide on the closure and Human Resources will provide the official notification to the employees.



    4.1.General Guidelines

    All employees are urged to become familiar with Hope Hospitals rules and standards of conduct and are expected to follow these rules and standards faithfully in doing their own jobs and conducting the Hospitals business.

    4.2.Attendance and Punctuality

    Hope Hospitals expects employees to be ready to work at the beginning of assigned daily work hours, and to reasonably complete their projects by the end of assigned work hours.

    4.3.Work Schedule

    Unless otherwise specified, regular full-time employees are expected to work at least forty (40) hours per workweek.The staff should not leave their work places until the reliever comes.

    4.4.Absence and Lateness

    From time to time, it may be necessary for an employee to be late or absent from work. Hope Hospitals is aware that emergencies, illnesses, or pressing personal business that cannot be scheduled outside work hours may arise. It is the responsibility of all employees to contact all affected parties if they will be absent or late.

    4.5.Unscheduled Absence

    Absence from work for three (3) consecutive days without notifying management or the Human Resources Department will be considered as official leaves and a notice will be issued either telephonically, verbally or written. If then also the employee does not turn up for the duties , a voluntary resignation will be considered by the Hope hospitals. 

    4.6.Meal and Break Periods

    Employees are allowed a  lunch break turnwise, all staff posted in a department should not go for luch together.

    4.7.Harassment Policy

    Hope Hospitals does not tolerate workplace harassment. Workplace harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence.

    4.8.Sexual Harassment Policy

    Hope Hospitals does not tolerate sexual harassment Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other unwelcome verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates an offensive, hostile, and intimidating working environment and prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of their position.

    4.9.Violence in the Workplace

    Hope Hospitals has adopted a policy prohibiting workplace violence. Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion, which involve or affect Hope Hospitals or which occurs on Hope Hospitals, will not be tolerated.

    4.10.Confidential Information and Nondisclosure

    By continuing employment with Hope Hospitals, employees agree that they will not disclose or use any of Hope Hospitals confidential information, either during or after their employment. Hope Hospitals sincerely hopes that its relationship with its employees will be long-term and mutually rewarding. However, employment with Hope Hospitals assumes an obligation to maintain confidentiality, even after an employee Hope Hospital’s employment.

    4.11.Ethical Standards

    Hope Hospitals insists on the highest ethical standards in conducting its business. Doing the right thing and acting with integrity are the two driving forces behind Hope Hospitals great success story. When faced with ethical issues, employees are expected to make the right professional decision consistent with Hope Hospitals principles and standards.

    4.12. Values

    Hope hospital values "patient first", all the staff should listen to the patient needs first and maintain the values of the organization.

    4.13.Patient's rights and responsibilities

    Hope hospitals reserve the rights of the patient and the relatives. All the staff should be aware of the patients rights and responsibilities ,the copy of it will be given at the time time of training.


    4.14.Dress Code

    Employees of Hope Hospitals are expected to present a clean and professional appearance while conducting business, in or outside of the hospital. Dressing in a fashion that is clearly unprofessional, that is deemed unsafe, or that negatively affects Hope Hospitals reputation or image is not acceptable.

    The uniform is compulsory to all the staff of the organization except for marketing executives , managers and the top management

    Apron is compulsory for the doctors and the technicians.

    The marketing executives , managers and the top management should wear formal dress code.

    4.15.Use of Equipment

    Hope Hospitals will provide employees with the equipment needed to do their job. None of this equipment should be used for personal use, nor removed from the physical confines of Hope Hospitals —unless it is approved for a job that specifically requires use of company equipment outside the physical facility.

    4.16.Use of Computer, Phone, and Mail

    Hope Hospitals property, including computers, phones, electronic mail, and voice mail, should be used only for conducting company business. Incidental and occasional personal use of company computers, phones, or electronic mail and voice mail systems is permitted, but information and messages stored in these systems will be treated no differently from other business-related information and messages.

    4.17.Use of Internet

    Employees are responsible for using the Internet in a manner that is ethical and lawful.Facebook, Orkut or any other social networking sites are banned in the hospital. Use of the Internet must solely be for business purposes and must not interfere with employee productivity.

    4.18.Smoking Policy

    No smoking of any kind is permitted inside or the vicinity of Hope Hospitals.

    4.19.Kharra , Tobacco or Gutkha Policy

    Eating tobacco,gutkha or kharra is not permitted inside or the vicinity of Hope hospital.

    4.20.Alcohol and Substance Abuse

    It is the policy of Hope Hospitals that the workplace be free of illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages, and free of their use. In addition to damage to respiratory and immune systems, malnutrition, seizures, loss of brain function, liver damage, and kidney damage, the abuse of drugs and alcohol has been proven to impair the coordination, reaction time, emotional stability, and judgment of the user. This could have tragic consequences where demanding or stressful work situations call for quick and sound decisions to be made.

    4.21.Gifts or tips

    No tips are allowed to take from the patients or the relatives and an advance approval from management is required before an employee may accept or solicit a gift of any kind from a patient. Employees are not permitted to give unauthorized gifts to patients.

    4.22.Solicitations and Distributions

    Solicitation for any cause during working time and in working areas is not permitted. Employees are not permitted to distribute non company literature in work areas at any time during working time.

    4.23.Complaint Procedure

    Employees who have a job-related issue, question, or complaint should first discuss it with their immediate supervisor. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, Hope Hospitals encourages employees to email the Human Resources Department with a copy sent to the board . Employees who observe, learn of, or, in good faith, suspect a violation of the Standards of Conduct of Hope Hospitals should immediately report the violation in accordance with the following procedures:

      1. Inform the administrator
      2. Fill the incident form and submit
      3. Give in written or send email to the administrator
      4. Feedback will be given after the action taken.

    4.24.Corrective Procedure

    Unacceptable behavior that does not lead to immediate dismissal may be dealt with in any of the following manners: (a) Oral Reminder, (b) Written Warning, (c) Decision-Making Paid Leave and (d) Termination

    4.25.Crisis Suspension

    An employee who commits any serious violation of Hope Hospitals policies at minimum will be suspended without pay pending an investigation of the situation. Following the investigation, the employee may be terminated without any previous disciplinary action having been taken.

    4.26.Transfer Policy

    Hope Hospitals recognizes that a desire for career growth and other needs may lead an employee to request a transfer to another position. An employee with proper qualifications will be eligible for consideration for transfer to another department at any point of time irrespective of the employee’s date of hire.

    4.27.Outside Employment

    Employees may not take an outside job, either for pay or as a donation of their personal time, with a customer or competitor of Hope Hospitals; nor may employees do work on their own if it competes or interferes in any way with the sales of products or services that Hope Hospitals provides to its clients.


    The employee can resign from the services by giving a formal resign letter , but prior one months notice to be given to the organization otherwise one month's salary will be withhold and experience certificate will not be issued to the employee.

    Hope Hospitals management would like  to discuss the employee’s reasons for leaving.

    4.29.Employment Termination

    After the application of disciplinary steps, if it is determined by management that an employee’s performance does not improve, or if the employee is again in violation of Hope Hospitals practices, rules, or standards of conduct, following a Decision-Making Leave, employment with Hope Hospitals will be terminated.

    4.30.Return of Company Property

    Any Hope Hospitals property issued to employees, such as computer equipment, keys, mobile phones, I card, stamp, visiting cards etc must be returned to Hope Hospitals at the time of termination. Employees will be responsible for any lost or damaged items.



    5.1.Base Compensation

    It is Hope Hospitals desire to pay all employees wages or salaries that are competitive with other employers in the marketplace and in a way that will be motivational, fair, and equitable. Compensation may vary based on roles and responsibilities, individual, and company performance, and in compliance with all applicable laws.

    5.2.Timekeeping Procedures

    By law, Hope Hospitals is obligated to keep accurate records of the time worked by employees. Each employee must check in and check out their duties in the record sheet provided at the reception and time records must be completed in accordance with the Hope Hospitals time-reporting guidelines.

    5.3.Overtime Pay

    All overtime work performed must receive the supervisor’s prior authorization, the in time and the out time should match the overtime hours. Overtime is applicable only if it  should exceeds more than  2 1/2 hrs after the duty is over.

    5.4.Performance and Salary Reviews

    Hope Hospitals wants to help employees to succeed in their jobs and to grow. In an effort to support this growth and success, Hope Hospitals has an annual review process for providing formal performance feedback. Feedback includes a Performance Evaluation, 360-Degree Assessment, and an Extra Mile contribution appraisal. Depending on the employee anniversary date, the performance review is held during either the March or the September review cycle

    Salary/wage reviews typically occur in conjunction with the annual performance review process. The calculation and implementation of changes in base salary/wage depend on both company and personal performance and will typically occur in either April or October; whichever most closely follows the review cycle.

    The management does not assure increment to all staff going for performance review.The management can change the policy / time of the appraisal seeing the need of the organization.

    5.5.Opportunities for AdvancementProgression and Promotion

    Hope Hospitals would like to provide employees with every opportunity for advancing to other positions or opportunities within the company. Approval of progression moves or promotions depends largely upon training, experience, work record, and business need. However, Hope Hospitals reserves the right to look outside the company for potential employees as well.




    The following is a comprehensive guide to the Hope Hospitals expense policy and procedures for the reporting and reimbursement of expenses. Any manager who approves expense reports should be familiar with this policy—authorizing an expense report indicates to Hope Hospitals that the expenses reported are legitimate, reasonable, and comply with this policy.

    6.2.Company Supplies, Other Expenditures

    Only authorized persons may purchase supplies in the name of Hope Hospitals. No employee whose regular duties do not include purchasing may incur any expense on behalf of Hope Hospitals. Hope Hospitals is not obligated for any purchase.

    6.3.Expense Reimbursement

    Under ordinary circumstances, it is the policy of Hope Hospitals to reimburse travel expenses on the basis of actual expenses involved. Persons traveling on Hope Hospitals business are entitled to transportation, hotel accommodation, meals, and limited incidentals that meet reasonable and adequate standards for convenience, safety, and comfort.


    This policy applies to current and newly hired Hope Hospitals employees who will be relocated to a new office or location. Management, Human Resources, and Finance must formally approve all moves.

    Hope Hospitals will pay reasonable costs of transportation and lodging in connection with the transfer of the employee and the employee’s  from the old location to the new location. Travel to the new location will be by the most direct route, and lodging arrangements should be made by or approved by Human Resources. This covers the period from when the employee leaves the old location and travels directly to the new location.


    Hope hospital strongly believes  in using the latest in information and technology to achieving our aim of paperless and desk topless hospital, hope hospital may upgrade systems. You may be required to learn and implement such systems.



    7.1.Open Communication

    Hope Hospitals encourages employees to discuss any issues they may have with a co-worker directly with that person. If a resolution is not reached, employees should arrange a meeting with their direct supervisor. If the concern, problem, or issue is not properly addressed, employees should contact the Human Resources Department and the Board. Any information discussed in an Open Communication meeting is considered confidential, to the extent possible while still allowing management to respond to the problem. Retaliation against any employee for appropriate usage of Open Communication channels is unacceptable.

    7.2.Staff Meetings

    In order to keep the communication channels open, Hope Hospitals implements a once-a-month company-wide staff meeting. Employees receive communications from Human Resources about the agenda and discussion topics every month.

    7.3.Emails communication

    Hope Hospitals emails employees organizational announcements, news/events, and discussions about specific topics. The employee is responsible for reading necessary information sent via email, the staff should check their emails everyday compulsorily.


    Hope Hospitals encourages all employees to bring forward their suggestions and good ideas about making Hope Hospitals a better place to work and enhancing service to Hope Hospitals patients. Any employee who sees an opportunity for improvement is encouraged to talk it over with management. Management can help bring ideas to the attention of the people in the organization who will be responsible for possibly implementing them. All suggestions are valued.


    The employees are not allow to make personal calls from the hospital phones , have conversation on personal mobile phones while working or handling patients/clients. If its urgent then 2 mins are given complete the conversation away from the patient's area.

    7.6.Avoid Gossip

    to maintain the reputation and the goodwill of the organization and its staff, it is necessary to refrain from gossiping and bitching about your colleagues such acts of indecilpline are taken very seriously by the managements, strict action is taken against the mongers.



    I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Hope Hospitals Employment handbook, and I do commit to read and follow these policies.

    I am aware that if, at any time, I have questions regarding Hope Hospitals company policies I should direct them to my manager or the Human Resources Department.

    I know that Hope Hospitals company policies and other related documents do not form a contract of employment and are not a guarantee by Hope Hospitals of the conditions that are described within them. Nevertheless, the provisions of such Hope Hospitals company policies are incorporated into the acknowledgment, and I agree that I shall abide by its provisions.

    I also am aware that Hope Hospitals, at any time, may on reasonable notice, change, add to, or delete from the provisions of the company policies,Hope Hospitals reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any of the policies, procedures, and/or benefits described in the manual with or without prior notice to employees.



    Employee’s  Name      ___________________________


    Position                     ___________________________


              Employee’s Signature ____________________________


    Date                          ____________________________




    It is important that employees stay aware of changes in procedures, policies, and general information. It is also important to communicate ideas, suggestions, personal goals, or problems as they affect work at Hope Hospitals.

    10.Hospital Information

    Hospital website:

    This Manual is available at