HRM.2.c. Staff member's Rights and Responsibilities (SHCO) ***

posted May 7, 2010, 4:13 AM by Dr.Murali BK

                                           EMPLOYEE RIGHTS

·         Every Employee, during the course of his tenure with the organization, shall be

privileged to the right.
·         To be aware of the hospital wide policies.
·         To avail the benefits being extended by the organization.

·         If any one believes that he/she has been the victim of harassment, or know of

another employee who has, the right to report it immediately to the HR


·         To be treated considerately and respectfully, and not discriminated on the basis

of caste, religion, sex or socio-economic background.

·         To be aware of the terms and conditions of his/her employment before joining the

·         To be entitled to the terms and conditions as specified in the appointment letter

·         To seek clarity on the targets to be achieved/job to be performed, and the

roles/responsibilities associated with the task to be performed

·         To be aware of all the rights being conferred on an employee during the course

of employment

                            EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES

·         It shall be the endeavor of all employees of Hope Hospital to contribute to the highest

standards of medical and service excellence. To do so, every employee shall follow a

certain Code of Conduct during his commitment with the organization.

Hope Hospitals function round the clock and employees are expected

to work on shifts or normal duty hours to support the Hospital’s 24 X 7

operations. Employees may be required to work overtime when the workload so


·         In order to ensure that the duty roster is maintained, leave should be planned

well in advance and prior sanction taken before proceeding on leave. If for

whatever reason an employee is unable to report to work on schedule, he/she

must inform his/her Manager, preferably in writing.

·         Employees are expected to use email and internet access that is provided in a

manner that is ethical and lawful

·         The employee are responsible for ensuring that the equipment allocated to them

or in use in their work is used and maintained in accordance with the standard

operating guidelines.

·         All employees are expected to maintain proper discipline, professional ethics and

complete integrity in the performance of work. They are expected to maintain

proper discipline in the Hospital/office and to conduct themselves with the highest

degree of professionalism.

·         An employee is expected to maintain complete integrity in his/her action and

work. If any declaration given or furnished by him/her proves to be false or if

he/she is found to have willfully suppressed any material information, he/she may

be liable to be removed from the services of the Hospital and to such other

action, as the Hospital may deem necessary & fit.

·         All employees are expected to maintain complete confidentiality in respect of

their documents and patient information they handle. They shall not during the

term of employment with the Hospital or at any time thereafter disclose any

patient related information or any business or affairs of the Hospital that they

are not authorized to divulge.

·         Employees are not expected to have any contact with the Press or make any

public statements without the prior approval of the Hospital.

·         The Hospital has adopted an open office plan. Employees are therefore

encouraged to be sensitive to those around them by conversing in soft tones &

quiet behavior.

·         Employees are encouraged not to converse in their local vernacular while in

patient contact areas. Employees shall be discrete in their personal

conversations while in the presence of customers and patients.

·         Employees are encouraged to adopt a clean desk policy and clear up their

Work stations on completion of each workday. They shall ensure that all personal

and confidential papers are kept securely.

·         Employees working in patient contact areas, such as nurses, patient care

coordinators & executives, who are issued Hospital uniforms, are expected to

be in uniform while at work. Employees who are not provided uniforms shall

follow a business dress code.

·         It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify their supervisor and

HR department of any changes in their personnel data.