HRM.3.c. Feedback mechanisms for assessment of training and development (SHCO) ***

posted May 7, 2010, 4:16 AM by Dr.Murali BK

When large sum of money are spent on training programmes , it is necessary to evaluate their effectiveness .A Constant check needs to be kept on whether the objectives and contents of training programmes  are consistent with the aims and current needs of the hospital, and whether the objectives are being achieved economically . The following points should be kept in mind.

·         A comprehensive evaluation and assessment of training plans as related to the defined needs should be undertaken.
·         Measures must be evolved to evaluate the effectiveness with which the methods, procedures, training-aids and materials are used by the training instructors.
·         There should be some effective means by which the progress of the trainees during the training programme may be assessed and evaluated.
·         Finally the achievements of those who have received training must be followed up over a period of time to assess whether performance has improved.
Thus, evaluation of the training programme helps to maximize the benefits accruing from the expenditure incurred on them, by determining the need to improve inputs such as the caliber of instructors, the motivation and education standards of trainees and the contents  of  the training programmes . Improvements suggested in this way from a valuable feedback and can be used in revising training programmers.