Dr.M's SaaS welcomes your questions about our unique free, web-based EHR! Read answers to our most commonly asked questions below or contact our team anytime for more information.

Is support free ?

All Dr.M's users have unlimited access to our support team for free. You can call, email or connect with us online any time at no cost.Connect our support team today

What can I do with Dr.M ?

Dr.M works as a comprehensive Hospital management platform. Our free EHR includes charting, scheduling and billing. Plus,  lab integrations and secure messaging. With a simple five minute set-up, you have free access all the features that come with comparable systems

Which specialties does Dr.M serve?

Any hospital or clinic can use our free EHR. Our system is designed for flexibility and easy customization. Dr.M efficiency tools for over 30 specialties including family practice, obstetrics, oncology and psychiatry.

What kind of hardware and computers do I need to get set-up with Dr.M?

All you need to get started is a computer with internet access. If you are able to watch videos online, your system is ready for Dr.M. Read a complete list of system requirements.

How many users can I have in my system?

There are no limits on the number of users, records or patients you can have in your Dr.M account. Our system will automatically grow with your Hospital.

Will I have ownership of my data?

Your Hospital always retains ownership of its data and you can export any time if needed.

Do I have security of my documents in Dr M SAAS?

Every time a user has to login using the username and password so the documents are secured.


Do i need any IT person to modify the system or can i do it myself?

Dr M SAAS is modifiable by the users itself.



Does the Registration number get self generated in the system?

No, the registration no. is not self generated because Dr M SAAS allows users to make numbers according to the Serial no, Year,Month,Date  so that it becomes easy to sort them.


Does it get affected by Virus?

Dr M SAAS is absolutely  virus protected.



If suddenly the net get's disconnected, will i lose my data?

Dr M SAAS has the auto save option which  automatically saves the documents every 2 min.


I want to know the basic difference between the NABH and JCI.

 Besides the difference of being Indian and international accreditation bodies respectively I want to know whether there is any other difference either in the protocol or in the policies of both the accreditation bodies and whether hospitals can have JCI without going for NABH?Both are international healthcare quality standards accredited by the international society of quality.

NABH is propagated by Quality council of India and is an Indian product, while JCI (joint commission international) is the international arm of the american Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

Both are divided into patient and adminsitrative sections of healthcare.

The majority of the standards for both NABH and JCI are the same. in JCI not all objective elements are mandatory, while in NABH all are mandatory, making it tougher to achieve. The domain areas of the standards for both JCI and NABH are also the same. Thus a comparative analysis shows that NABH standard is at par with JCI and other international standards accredited by ISQua.

Both standards are voluntary in nature and there is no compulsion (except if you want to cater to CGHS patients where NABH is compulsory). There is no regulatory compulsion.

NABH is technically better as there are standards for small hospitals also released by NABH which can be used by smaller hospitals. You can do either of the standards or both.

Is NABH a marketing tool for hospitals?

NABH is not the driving force to attract more patients. Actually it is theadherence to NABH standards, process compliance as a result, training of doctors, nurses and all staff of the hospital which leads to the quality process compliance which results in better patient satisfaction. When more patients are satisfied, word of mouth spreads, and more patients then come to the hospital. You need not have NABH to satisfy above mentioned quality aspects, but NABH gives you a ready made guidline, which is at par with the best in the world. What you are wishing does gets achieved during the journey of NABH accreditation.

we are looking for a format for accredition of a 30 bedded hospital in paramilitary org. how to go about it

You are requested to procure a copy of the NABH standards and guidelines from qcin.org. You can write to murali@drmsaas.com for the same.Basic understanding of the standards is must.

In case of difficulties you may contact me.

If an employee leaves an organization, will he be able to access the system?

No. The administrator can block the user name. In addition, All passwords in the system are changed once a week.

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