NABH Training Records

Training Date  -02/02/2011

Time- 2.30 pm

Venue- Training room

Topic- Hand wash techniques
           Biomedical waste management

Trainer-  Sister Naomi

Staff who attended-
Sis Prerna jalil
Sis Sharda Nakhare
Sis Swati Upase
Sis Madhuri Bombarde
Sis Sanjivani ghard
sis Vandana Bhagat
Brother Santosh Anthony
Brother Ullas Fransis
Training Session : Importance of Consent forms, Pre-op preparation of patient.
Date: 11th February 2011
Time: 2:30pm
Staff members assembled for a training session and were briefed on the importance of checking consent forms and documents of patients, strictly following doctors orders, preparing the operative site, handing over during time of shifting etc.
Main points of pre-operative protocol were outlined and staff were encouraged to clear doubt and ask questions.
meeting ended at 3:30 pm
Training Session : Bio medical waste disposal and Needlestick incineration.
Date: 12th February 2011
Time: 2:30 pm
Class was held on the topic of - Bio medical waste disposal and incineration of needle sticks. In attendance were staff nurses from ICU, RICU, OT, Special ward and General ward including the respective ward boys/ patient assistants.
Demonstration was given on - how to separate the used syringes, incinerate the needles and then dispose off in the designated sharps container.
Furthermore,biomedical waste segregation was revised and staff were sensitised on the importance of disposing waste in the appropriate colour coded containers, namely- red,yellow,black and PPC.
the class ended at 3:30pm.
 Training Session: Pre-operative preparation of patient.
Date: 16th february 2011
Time: 2:30pm
Class was held on the topic "pre operative preparation of patient." Points were re- discussed among the staff, key elements discussed were as follows...
1) Checking patient's identification
2)Pre-op Doctor's instructions  with correct date,time,signature and name  of  doctor
3)Obtaining written, informed consent
4)Confirming with surgeon the site of surgery
5)Part preparation
6)IV line to be patent and labeled
7)ALL investigations to be ready.
8)Pre-operative instructions to be strictly follwed (eg:NBM,enema etc)
9)Antibiotics to be given atleast 4hrs before surgery
10) Shift patient on time, Hand over important information to O.T staff
11)Re-check indentity of patient.
meeting ended at 3:30pm.
 TRAINING SESSION: Barrier nursing/ Universal Precautions / Isolation of Patients
DATE:18th February 2011
TIME: 2:30pm
Class was held on the topic "Barrier Nursing/ Universal Precautions/ Isolation of patients." main points discussed were- Use of P.P.E, types of infections, spread of infection, and methods of taking universal precautions, as well as isolating patients when necessary.
Following were the Nursing Personnel in attendance-
Sisters- SaritaYede, Madhuri Bamborde,Vandana Bhagat,Rekha Barmate,Chitra,Sneha and sister-in-charge-Prerna Nikalje.
Brothers-Laneesh Jose, Santosh Anthony and Shrikant.
Class ended at 3:30pm
TRAINING SESSION: Infection control measures.

DATE:19th february 2011


Class was held on the topic "Infection control measures." 15 pointwise instructions were discussed regarding general infection sontol measures, such as :-labeling of patients equipment, labeling syringes, disinfecting basins etc.

Following were the Nursing Personnel in attendance-
Sisters- Darshana Meshram, Ranesha, Sanjivini,Rajani,Snehal,Chitra, Pushpalatha2

class ended at 3:00pm
 TRAINING SESSION: Needle stick injury protocol

DATE: 21st february 2011

TIME: 2:30pm

Class was held on the topic "Needle stick injury protocol", Important points discussed were as follows....1) What to do incase of injury
                              2)  Who to inform
                              3)   Need of informing and reporting.
Following were the Nursing personnel in attendance:

Sisters- Sr. Prerna, Vandana,Sanjivini,Rajni,Pushpalatha
Brother Lineesh.

4th class employers were also present:- Narendra,Nitesh,Ashok,Shobha Raut, Kiran,Mangla.

class ended at 3:00pm.
 TRAINING SESSION: Pressure Ulcer prevention and care

 DATE: 23rd February 2011

 TIME: 2:30pm

A special training session was held, on the topic "Prevention of Pressure Ulcer and care." Mrs.Vijaya Nair ,Senior nurse advisor,ArjoHuntleigh group was invited to give a demonstration and class.The points discussed were- Definition of Bedsores/Pressure Ulcer, Causes, risk factors, stages of Ulcers, how to identify and assess Pressure sores etc, and methods of preventing it, Ma'am also explained in detail the new technology in use such as Alfaexcel and transxcel beds etc.

those in attendance were as follows:- Dr.Girish, Dr.Reena, Dr.Ashish.
                                                            Brother Sobin, Sister Prena, Naomi, Rekha,Sanjivini and Rajini.

Class ended at 4:00pm